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The Musicians
The musicians are an essential part of the festival, particularly since the late 19th century, when the various melodies were added to the Patum. Nowadays, it is impossible to conceive the Patum without the music played by the Cobla Pirineu, the Cobla Ciutat de Berga and the Band of the Municipal School of Music of Berga.
Most of the music played at the Patum is based on popular tunes; it is a simple music with some original and even brilliant touches. Out of all the musicians who have played at the Patum, one of the best known is Joaquim Serra i Farriols, ‘Quimserra’ (Berga, 1834-1906), who composed the music for the Turks and Horses, the Plens and the New Dwarves. With his compositions, he modernised the Patum, radically changing the festivity’s musical atmosphere.
Another key person is Ricard Cuadra i Camprubí (Berga 1951-1997), who organised the Concert of Forgotten Music in the 1993 Patum to recover old melodies that were no longer played. Although it was not his intention, this restoration of tunes that had not been played for decades was highly successful and the concert was repeated in 1995 and 1997, with new scores being brought back from oblivion. With his untimely death in 1997, the Ricard Cuadra Memorial was created, to continue the work he left unfinished with an annual concert given on Holy Trinity Saturday.
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