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    The Patronatís members are the Mayor of the town, who is its Chairman; the Councillors responsible for the Patum and Culture, who are the first and second deputy chairmen, respectively; and one councillor from each of the local political parties represented in the town council as members; four heads of the groups taking part in the Patum; five patumaires (understood to mean anyone who takes part actively in the Festivity, in a broad sense); and a historian or someone with expert knowledge about the festivity. The Manager, with the right to speak but not to vote, is responsible for managing, executing and enacting the agreements made by the Patronat.
    Han col·laborat desinteresadament entre altres:
    Salvador Vinyes - Anna Parcerisa - Berta Francàs - Albert Rumbo - Ma Dolors Santandreu - Jordi
    Cohen - Foto Luigi - Toni Sales - Sílvia Massana - Mireia Ferran - Jordi Plana - Antònia Prat
    Pascal Hanrion - KAP
    Les despeses tècniques de la web (Informat Picas-Prat, SL),
    s'han pogut assumir gràcies a l'aportació de l'Associació La Patum Productors.
    Traductors: Steve Pepper, Jaume Fígols