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    The Patronat Municipal de La Patum is a local independent body formed on 24 April 2001 with the objective of administering, preserving and coordinating organisation of the Patum; all the activities arising from and related with the groups performing in the Patum, their performances and their members; ensure respectful use of the celebrationís name and image; and everything related with its corporate image, and also any advertising or publicity material which, either generally or specifically, includes the name Patum or refers to it.
    Han col·laborat desinteresadament entre altres:
    Salvador Vinyes - Anna Parcerisa - Berta Francàs - Albert Rumbo - Ma Dolors Santandreu - Jordi
    Cohen - Foto Luigi - Toni Sales - Sílvia Massana - Mireia Ferran - Jordi Plana - Antònia Prat
    Pascal Hanrion - KAP
    Les despeses tècniques de la web (Informat Picas-Prat, SL),
    s'han pogut assumir gràcies a l'aportació de l'Associació La Patum Productors.
    Traductors: Steve Pepper, Jaume Fígols