This is the festivity’s official crier.
The sound of its beat: Pa-tum, Pa-tum, which has given the festival its name since the end of the 18th century.

The Tabal (Drum)
The Tabal is the only part of the Patum that is present in all of the events. Its presence is constant. In a way, one can say that it is the thread that joins the different parts of the festival. But that’s not the only important thing about the Tabal; there’s something else. Documented since 1621, and rebuilt in 1726, it was the only instrument used in the Patum, marking the rhythm of the performances, until the mid-17th century. So the Tabal played no specific symbolic role within the performances; its task was to direct and coordinate the unfolding of the interludes, setting the pace of each of the dances. By the end of the 19th century, when musical compositions started to be introduced into the festival, the Tabal was pushed out of the limelight. Even so, the Tabal and the Tabal player continue to be an essential part of the Patum. On Ascension Sunday, the Tabal announces to all of the town of Berga that the Patum’s arrival is imminent. The day before Corpus, at midday, it leads the procession of giants and on the evening of the same day (and the following Saturday), it also marches at the head of the passacarrers or passades (processions). Today, it presides over the performances of the Patum in the Plaça de Sant Pere (Saint Peter’s Square) from a privileged vantage point and, in the old days, it preceded the other groups of the Patum in the Corpus processions. If on Ascension Sunday you should not hear the pounding of the Tabal to announce the Town Council’s agreement to hold the Patum, you’ll know that that year there will be no Patum.
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