The apotheosis of the festival.
The Plens (Fire Demons)
A truly spectacular performance, the Plens mark the climax, the apotheosis of the festival.They are documented since 1621 and it is believed that their name comes from the fact that they are full of fire (Plens means ‘full’ in Catalan). So they are demons full of fire.Until the end of the 19th century, the Plens only moved to the sound of the Tabal. However, since then they dance to the stirring but catchy music composed by “Quimserra”. When the streetlights are turned off and the music starts to play, the square becomes an inferno filled with fire from a thousand firecrackers burning at once. In total, 100 Plens dance, each one wearing 9 firecrackers. Each Plen has a companion who guides him or her around the square during the performance.The number of Plens has increased considerably over the centuries. In the 17th century, two devils are documented. Before the Civil War, there were 4, 8 or, at the very most and extremely rarely, 12. In 1916, when 16 Plens performed in the square in the extraordinary Patum to commemorate the Canonic Coronation of the Mother of God of Queralt, people thought that there was too much fire in the square and it was a threat for public safety. Later on, the number increased to 40, and since then it has steadily grown and nowadays, there about a hundred Plens in the square.
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