The eternal battle between Good and Evil.
The Maces and the Angels
This old performance, documented from 1621, symbolises the eternal struggle between Good and Evil, represented by a seemingly childish portrayal of a battle between angels and demons. The mace consists of a handle with a round box at one end that contains loose stones. When the box is shaken, it makes a very particular sound. The boxes are painted with diabolical faces, with a firecracker at the top. The Maces are carried by people dressed as demons and their face is covered with a mask. During their dance, the Maces move around the square until the firecracker explodes. That is when the demons fall to the ground and they are killed by the Angels with the spear and sword. The Maces were the last group to include music in their performance, composed by Joan Trullàs, in 1963. This music is only played at the daytime performances. At night, the Maces dance as they have always done, to the beat of the Tabal. In the old days, Maces and Plens had been part of the same tableau, that of the demons.
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