These are one of the most primitive parts of the Patum.
The Guites (dragons)
In the past, they were also called Mulassa, Mulafera and Mulaguita. They are one of the oldest and most distinctive parts of the celebration. Together with the Plens, they are unique characters that are not found anywhere else in the world. In their archaic form as Mulassa, they comprise a unique element within the festive bestiary of Spain and the world. Traditionally, there was only one, the Guita Grossa (Big Dragon), with references dating back to 1621. The dragons are the part that has changed least since the birth of the Patum and they still have a very primitive form. Although their shape has not changed, the number of people carrying them has. Until the beginning of the 19th century, only two people carried the dragon. This number then started to increase and today, the Guita Grossa is accompanied by 28 people and the Guita Xica (Small Dragon) is accompanied by 16. The most significant change that this performance has undergone in the course of its history was the inclusion of the Guita Xica, popularly known as Boja (Crazy Dragon), in 1890, during the Patum’s period of expansion. It was born in the street called Carrer de les Canals (today Carrer Marcel·lí Buxadé), in one of the many district patums that were held at that time. That year, after obtaining permission from the Town Council, it appeared in the Plaça de Sant Pere by surprise. The enthusiastic reception given by the people of Berga enshrined its inclusion in the Patum, alongside the Guita Grossa. The Guites are now the only performance in the Patum that move to the beats of the Tabal. Even though more than 400 years have passed since the first mention is made of the Guita, it is believed that the performance has remained just as it was at the beginning.

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