Order of the
jumps of Patum
The Tabal and the musicians are the sound of the Patum
and they are in all jumps
in St.Pere's Square

The Patum de Lluïment (Daytime Patum)

This takes place on Corpus Thursday and Sunday, after High Mass, at about 12 midday. It is performed with some solemnity by the various groups, with the public looking on as spectators rather than as participants. The groups perform one after the other, always in the same order: the Turks and Horses, the Maces, the Guites, the Eagle, the Old Dwarves, the Giants and the New Dwarves, closing with Tirabols.

in St.Pere's Square
Full Patum
This takes place on Corpus Thursday and Sunday, starting at 9.30 p.m. It has the same interludes as in the morning, but with four cycles instead of just one. The Plens perform after the second and the fourth cycles, with Tirabols at the very end.
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Salvador Vinyes - Anna Parcerisa - Berta Francàs - Albert Rumbo - Ma Dolors Santandreu - Jordi
Cohen - Foto Luigi - Toni Sales - Sílvia Massana - Mireia Ferran - Jordi Plana - Antònia Prat
Pascal Hanrion - KAP
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Traductors: Steve Pepper, Jaume Fígols